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Goodbye. The following text will be in English. Please use Google Translator if you are having problems.
Also, there is no guarantee for correct grammar.

Breakfast as usual. There were still a surprisingly high number of people present. Circle training today was even more painful although it was supposed to be more relaxed. The number of participants has now increased to 5.
Everything else was also as usual. Lunch was rather watery. It was soup. Vegetable soup. Luckily, we had filling side dishes (Sättigungsbeilagen). Sausages and bread. Why? Because we are Germans.
After that we continued with our work groups and tried very hard not to fall asleep. Not because the lectures were boring, it‘s more because we can‘t manage to go to sleep at decent times. Some calculated resistances in electric circuits and others calculated how big a solar sail has to be to be a good accelerator for a satellite.
Then the first scenes for the this year‘s camp movie were shot. Sadly, nobody died. At least not in the movie. We had striking sparks though. The death counts are going up anyway.
After supper the science happened. Prof. Shawn Bishop from the TU Munich gave a talk about his latest research project: The detection of Fe-60 which only forms in a slow neutron capture process that occurs in stars more massive than ten solar masses, in sediments that he got from the bottom of the Pacific ocean at 3800m depth. So all the Fe-60 you can find on earth are from these supernovae. If you want to know more about how to detect Fe-60 and other stuff related to that, you should read his paper which will be published on Monday, Aug. 8, in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science (www.pnas.org). Now we are all fascinated and optimistic concerning reasearch about bacteria with magnetide in them which can be moved by magnetic fields which can be applied by evil experimentalists (not Shawn!!).
Next, Sven is talking about C++, people are playing “Wolf”, are talking or watching movies and are enjoying each other‘s presences in general.
That‘s it for today. Tomorrow we‘ll report in German again.

Thank you for your attention. We would like to have a drink now but unfortunately that‘s not possible.
Bea and Louise, who feel really accomplished right now.

P.S.: Special thanks go to Shawn, who answered all our questions with a lot of patience and humor.